Madden 18 Release Date Prediction

Madden NFL 18 game has started to make a bit of fuzz around the American Football community with questions being raised about new features, soundtracks, cover images and much more.

Potential PS4 Madden 18 Cover Image?

Potential PS4 Madden 18 Cover Image?

The release of Madden 18 will answer these questions but until then we at least try to answer this most asked question; When is Madden 18 going to be released?

As you probably know, EA Sports are known for their punctuality while it comes to developing and releasing their games. They follow a certain pattern that can be traced back. Therefore, we will look into these patterns and predict the release date of the next big video game on the biggest American football sim.

Let’s look at the previous madden games release dates.

Madden Series Release Date
Madden 15 August 26, 2014


Madden 16 August 25, 2015


Madden 17 August 23, 2016
Madden 18 Release Date August 24, 2017



As you can see, EA seems to release them madden games in the month of August. To be more precise, they wait until the last week of August to release them. Therefore, we predict that the release date for Madden 18 video game is going to be August 24, 2017.

There might be time difference when it comes to the release date but we are sure that the game will be released across all platforms at the same date.

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