Madden 18 Cover Star – Who do you want to see?

Today we talk about what every Madden 18 fan is waiting for. What cover star do you want to see in EA Sports latest installment of Madden NFL 18? The game that is going to be released across all major platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, has a bunch of stars lined up from National Football League in the current season. In this post, you can comment who you want to see the covers of Madden 18.

Being on the cover of Madden game is special for every NFL player since it is the best football game in the market. This time of the year is always special for fans and players since they are anticipating to know who is going to be the new face for Madden. The cover star is usually the player who performs best in the previous NFL season and has good relations or contract with EA Sports.

So let’s go straight to the point, who are the players in line to be featured as Madden 18 Cover Stars for the latest game.

Antonio Brown

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Antonio Brown NFL 2018 Image

The Pittsburgh Steelers has been the valuable punt returner for the Pennsylvanian team. The five-time Pro Bowl winner and three-time All-Pro nomination for the Florida-born wide receiver are the career high for Brown. He is a top contender to be placed in Madden 18 Covers for all platforms.

Luck Kuechly

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Luke Kuechly NFL 2018 Image

The Carolina Panthers linebacker, Luke Kuechly won the Defensive Rookie of the Year. He truly deserved the award because he turned out to be one of the best players in his position in the glory NFL years. He has an amazing stat of about 700 successful tackles and a quarterback stacks of 9. He is set to have more incredible seasons in Football that’s the main reason he is considered as one the top contenders for Madden 18 Cover.

Marshall Yanda

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Marshal Yanda NFL 2018 Image

The outside linebacker for Kansas City Chiefs has been playing sensationally in his role. With winning the Pro Bowl for four times, he is set to hit a new high next season with his career sacks reaching near a hundred. The 28-year old can be considered as a top contender for Madden 18 cover star.

JJ Watt

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist J. J. Watt NFL 2018 Image

The Huston Texans defensive end player has a big influence over the NFL world with a bunch of charities and social service. But, he is best known for his 3 times NFL defensive player of the year award and Pro Bowl winner from 2012 to 2015. He has a total number of 5 touchdowns in his name and has been awarded a bunch of time for his contribution to the team as well as the Madden Franchize. He seems like a perfect player to be considered for a cover image in Madden 18 Game.

Khalil Mack

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Khalil Mack NFL 2018 Image

The Defensive End player for Oakland Raider hit a new high in NFL this season. He has one of the top jersey sales from the entire franchise. He is set to be in the All Pro Squad for third time in the row. We see him being in the Madden 18 Cover.

Rob Gronkowski

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Rob Gronkowski NFL 2018 Image

The New England Patriots star has been playing good in the latest NFL season. He won various achievements and is in top line to be featured in NFL 18 cover. To consider his overall stats, he has a record of highest number of touchdowns in the smallest amount of time. In the latest NFL season for the Patriots, he has had three touchdowns and covered 540 yards.

Julio Jones

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Julio Jones NFL 2018 Image

The Wide receiver for Atlanta Falcons has been in the Pro List and All-Pro List for 4 consecutive seasons. His stats of reception is exceptional with 512 receptions and a reciveving touchdown of 53. He is one of the best players in NFL and a top player to be considered for the cover image in Madden 18.

Von Miller

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Von Miller NFL 2018 Image

The Denver Broncos linebacker is a top contender to be the new face of NFL 18 by EA Sports. It has been speculated that the SuperBowl winner has already have a pretty decent deal with the developers of the game to be moved up for a cover image. The linebacker has also won the Super Bowl MVP award and has won Pro Bowl 5 times in his career.

Aaron Donald

Madden 18 Cover Prediction Wishlist Aaron Donald NFL 2018 Image

The defensive tackle for Los Angeles Rams has been playing for his team since 2014 and has managed to get into 3 pro bowl and two first team pro bowls since joining the team. He also won the NFL best defensive rookie of the year in 2014 when he joined the club. He has a career stats of 164 tackles and 28 sacks. Can you picture him in the covers of NFL 18?

This is your turn to decide. Who do you want to see in Madden 18 Covers? Comment Below

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