Madden 17 Wishlist and Features

The latest madden game was one of its kind; it had the right graphics and simulation but still there were things missing. We are hoping that the developers will add more features to the next Madden 18.

EA Sports fixed most of the errors reported in the previous game but there are still some flaws in the game that are bugging the NFL gamers.

Potential Madden 18 Cover Image

Potential Madden 18 Cover Image

Today, we will feature the best of Madden 18 Wishlist that includes debugs and new features that the fans want to see for the Madden 18.

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  1. Improve the run game

The running back either run into the blocks or into a crowd of defense. The wide receivers can’t catch a diving ball or any catches in traffic. The running back and wide receivers can do this in real game yet the players in biggest American Football Simulation video game cannot go it. The last game was expected to fix this but except for improving the defense line there was not fix for this.

  1. Fix game glitches

There have been complaints that the game is seriously filled with glitches. One of the major complaint is that the broken play feature does not work well. In real game, during broken play, the defense rushes to the o-line and the quarter back takes a sack. In the Madden, it happens during normal pass rush and by the time you realize it, it’s too late.

  1. Even defense and attack

EA Sports have made the game one sides; if you are defending, it is easy to play but where you are attacking you should know every move in the book. The stiff arms and jukes are not always necessary in the game but EA have made them the items of focus even if it slows down the players.

  1. Halftime show presentation

The half time show in the previous Madden game was not worth watching. The segment shows highlights which are not linked with the audio. Sometimes, the highlight is played without any audio. There are comparison claiming that the 2k5 game had better halftime show than the Madden 17 which means this need to be considered.

  1. Add features into Ultimate Team

The Madden 17 Ultimate Team has not been changed since the previous one. There were some minor changes like additional options and chemistry feature but other than that everything in the mode is the same. Like EA did for FIFA game, we would like to see new features in Madden 18 Ultimate Team.

  1. Add Features into Draft Championship

Unlike the Ultimate Team, there are no changes in Draft Championship. We would like to see more features added into Madden 18 Draft Championship as there are many of us who are into collectable trading cards.

  1. Franchise mode could still use some improvement

The best feature about Madden 17 was its focus on Franchise Mode. However, there are still rooms for improvement. It would be amazing to see menus with season stats and more options. That will make this mode more deeper and even more interesting. What changes do you want to see in Franchise Mode?

  1. Refine Commentary

EA Sports made the best decision to hire Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis to replace Jim Nantz and Phill Simms in the Madden Series. The commentary has improved since the last year but there are still works to be done. The repeating commentary on different games is one of the major error that needs immediate addressing.

  1. Exciting Pre-season

I know that the preseason in NFL is not that very exciting but the Madden Pre-season is even worst. There are some regular kickoffs and coverage but all of them are focused on the major teams. The developers should put on time and resources to make the pre-season more exciting.

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